° Disclosure Policy

Overall, this is a site about me trying to live a happy, healthy life with my dogs. They are my family. Not in the sense that dogs are great, but in that there are no children here and paws are the pitter-patter heard in my home.

In creating this site, I’ve brought my marketing, business and journalism background into play and treat this as a business. You will see ads in the sidebar, there are events we are invited to or may have a sponsorship that enables us to go, we are given products (to review or use in giveaways) — and this will always be noted. When you see a post about an item that I paid for because I wanted it (I’m a regular person that shops, too!) or wanted to review it here for our community, you will know.

My reporting background has ingrained in me a fairness and news collecting mindset, and my opinions are along the lines of an op-ed. There is a difference between a paid post and my opinion, and you will know which is which. To keep the site running and enable us to buy products or travel, we do have affiliate links. These will always be noted, and we greatly appreciate your support by shopping through such links as we get a percentage of any sale (at no additional charge to you) made from our links. We attend conferences and learning seminars about social media, marketing, business, and the pet industry and any money from such purchases help reduce the out-of-pocket costs associated with running the site.

I carefully maintain the content of this site because it represents me. It would be silly — and unfair to you — if you’re here for dogs and I was trying to promote posts/links on kitty litter or guinea pig pellets. I am not a veterinarian, professional trainer, therapist, lottery winner, etc but I am a person with decades of experience as a dog owner, often with dogs that need some help or extra attention. This is a personal blog; if there are sources that may help you, I’ll gladly share them.

This site accepts forms of advertising, free products, compensation, sponsorship and affiliate marketing. If any of these are in action, that does not equate to a glowing review or free pass. I will always be honest with my reaction or involvement to a product and relay any positive or negative experiences. An item may not be for us, but that doesn’t mean it is bad. If it’s not for us, you’ll know in our post as we explain what we were looking for or what didn’t help/work in our experience. We happily work with vendors/companies on providing feedback.