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A Dog’s Dish is open to product reviews, sponsored posts, giveaways, brand ambassador-ships, ideas for future posts, and freelance opportunities.

If you are interested in partnering, want us to try your product, schedule an appearance, or want to learn more, please reach out to us. We put together custom packages or one-time post programs and also work with companies, brands and organizations that may not have big budgets but have big messages. We are committed to our audience and mission of promoting dogs, their well-being, and having fun. The more we are able to experience and learn, the more we can share with our growing community.

With two dogs “on staff” here at A Dog’s Dish, there are definite ways to conduct true product testing: both adopted from shelters/are rescue dogs; one small 30 lbs and one around 50lbs; one is 5.5 years, one is 8 years old (senior dog category); male, female; one from US, one International; toy crazy, other prefers treats; both travel well (cars, hotels, goes to the office); one doesn’t eat all the dinner, the other has to slow down; reactive dogs; adopting black dogs and disabled dogs; adopting a pet that was part of an international story.

Malchik, a street dog saved from Sochi and the Olympic Games, has been part of numerous stories (including Today Show, CNN, Animal Planet, National Geographic, and photographed by Seth Casteel) involving his rescue journey from Russia to America. If you have an event where his appearance or story could help in raising awareness or funds, please let us know. He checks a lot of boxes and we’re happy to help: street dogs, shelter dogs, disabled dogs, black dogs, helping older dogs find homes.


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